About Us

What's so special about Heavy on the Herbs you ask? Well for us, it is the fact that each satchel of tea is prepared with pure intention and positive affirmations to soothe and nourish your body. Heavy on the Herbs believes YOU deserve all the blessings coming to you such as: 





Our company thrives on these 4 concepts. We seek to inspire and promote these intentions through our tea blends.

Rest assure we serve only fine, safe, quality and organic herbs. Through our invigorating herbal teas, can you not only benefit from their notable health properties but also feel good in knowing you are taking the right direction in practicing self-care. Heavy on the Herbs strongly promotes and encourages positive and unlimited thinking. We stand on "Believing is Receiving."

We pour out our love to you all through our organic herbal teas. Consume your Heavy on the Herbs Herbal Tea with purpose and peace of mind knowing that you are giving your body the love and nourishment it needs. Here at Heavy on the Herbs, make your health a priority...mentally, spiritually and physically.